The office offers construction work in the Netherlands.
The jobs are located all over the Netherlands.
Yes, the company provides accommodation.
The company provides accommodation in apartments with separate rooms.
Employees receive their salaries every week, on Fridays.
Yes, if someone drives their own car to work, the company reimburses the mileage.
Those who do not have their own car can use a company car with a fuel card or share a ride with a colleague between the workplace and the accommodation.
It is an individual decision, but usually the workers travel home for 7-10 days every 6-8 weeks.
Yes, vacation hours come after the gross hours worked.
Own hand tools, bed cover, enough spending money for two weeks.
Yes, the company provides the work clothes, but it is advisable to bring a change of clothes with you.
Only your own hand tools, which you will and have used during your work. Hammer, tape measure, etc.
Electric tools and larger hand tools are provided by the company.
No, departure is done individually.
This varies depending on the position, expertise and position, from €2,000 net to €2,800 net. This is the net amount that comes to the account after every deduction if you have worked 160 hours.
There are jobs where it is possible to work in a team with colleagues of your own nationality, it is not necessary there, but knowledge of a foreign language is essential for most positions. (English or Dutch)
No, this cannot be solved.
If you are suitable for a specific position, depending on the job, 2 weeks – 1 month.
Dutch tax number BSN and Dutch safety diploma VCA.
You will receive the BSN number the day after your arrival with the help of our colleague, and you can obtain the VCA diploma on the weekend after a full day of training (in your own language), the costs of which are covered by the company.
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