Terms & Conditions

Service Provider Details

Company’s name: HOLLANDWORK SL
Website: https://hollandwork.eu/
Telephone: +31645934634
Email: info@hollandwork.eu

Availability User Terms

HollandWork shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage to property or ideas resulting from the use of the website and/or the interruption of the service.
The User accesses the website solely at his/her own risk. The User undertakes to comply with all laws and regulations in force at that time, and in particular with the provisions of this document.

Scope of job advertisements

On the website, the Service Provider indicates in detail the name, description (information) of the job advertisements and occasionally displays a photo or video of the given job. The images/videos displayed on the job listing may differ from the actual ones and may be used as illustrations. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any differences between the image/video displayed on the website and the actual appearance of the job.

Application Applying for a job

  • The User clicks on the Apply button at the selected job advertisement.
  • By filling out the form that appears, and then uploading the resume, you will send the application to the selected vacancy posting.
  • The application confirmation e-mail contains the following: personal data provided by the User (name, e-mail address, CV), any message provided by the User, date and time of application, and job name.


Applicable laws

All laws and regulations currently in force in Hungary are complied with by the Service Provider.

The Service Provider is the owner of all intellectual and patent rights related to the content appearing on the website available at the www.hollandwork.eu address. Consequently, the User acknowledges that the deletion of indications of the existence of rights is not permitted, and any copying, in whole or in part, without permission, is considered a breach of contract. Copyright and patent rights regulations apply in particular to: multimedia of any type, software, texts, articles, photographs, registered trademarks, databases and images/videos.

The User shall refrain from attempting to hack into any automated data processing system, modifying or extracting the databases of the website in whole or in part, qualitatively or quantitatively. Such actions may result in punishment.

Handling of personal data

HollandWork collects personal data about the user who has logged in. The Service Provider may pass on the necessary data exclusively for the purpose of assignment and in order to establish an employment relationship between the User and the possible Employer (only, and only in this case), to a third party. The data stored during the application will be modified and permanently deleted by the Service Provider at the request of the data owner. The Service Provider complies with the current data protection laws applicable to it.

Interactive services

The User is responsible for all information, images/videos posted by him using interactive services and, in general, all other content. Any content published by the User through the use of the interactive services or sent to him or her, which is suspected of violating the provisions of the applicable laws or regulations of Hungary or contrary to accepted standards of conduct, is the right of the Service Provider to delete in whole or in part. The User acknowledges that the possible use of all content published by him is the sole responsibility of the User and that the Service Provider does not control and does not guarantee the accuracy, legality, quality or reliability of any content published using the interactive services provided on the website. The User is solely responsible for all contact addresses displayed on the website accessible at the www.hollandwork.eu address using interactive services.

General provisions

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the provisions of this document. By continuing to use the website accessible at www.hollandwork.eu address, the User accepts such changes. This document contains the entire agreement between the parties, and no general or special conditions contained in any other document can be considered as forming part of the rights and obligations set out in the agreement between internet users and the Service Provider. In the event that one or more provisions of this document become invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. In the event of a conflict between the title and the content of a section, any litigation relating to this fact shall be deemed unfounded. The terms of this document are governed by the laws of Hungary, both in form and content. The Parties concerned agree to attempt an out-of-court settlement before initiating any litigation in the event of a dispute.

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